Autumn has always been the season when we take a look at what still needs to be realized in order to make a good year a great year. At the same time, we start planning and defining opportunities & improvement programs for the year to come and making our annual budgets.

PROGRESSIO nominated for the Supply Chain Award 2010!

Looking back, PROGRESSIO is proud to be nominated – in collaboration with VRT – as finalist for the Supply Chain Award 2010, a true collaboration on an operational, tactical and strategic level, resulting in a changed procurement approach within Public Procurement and receiving the recognition of a professional jury.

The Supply Chain Award takes place on December 2nd 2010 in Antwerp – looking forward to meet you there.

Fleet Optimisation - Value for Money Management

To be ahead of the game, we created a specialized cell to unlock the potential of Fleet Management, taking into account finance, as well as human resource and tax issues – this being another step in underlining PROGRESSIO's full service character in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain.

Fleet Management is potentially one of the highly emotional spends. Our fleet specialists discuss the concepts in place with HR, Finance and Procurement and set up the analytics of your fleet. The correct balance between emotional aspect and cost of mobility can only be determined based on a qualitative and quantitative screening. Consequently we calculate the impact of direct and indirect opportunities (car choice, car policy, dealer network, fuel, CO2 impact, insurance, pool & pre-existing cars, tyres, safety, FTE…). From the moment our client has determined its optimum fleet, we are glad to realize – together with you – the implementation of your sustainable fleet plan.

Our Principal Consultant, Benny Gers is a Seasoned Fleet Manager, who has been awarded both as Fleet Owner (1998) and Safe Fleet Owner (2008) and recently acted as Fleet Sales Manager. We have the perfect mix at your disposal for identifying hidden fleet opportunities and equally for bringing your fleet management to a higher level with savings over the years to come, while respecting motivation of your staff and controlling the total cost of use of your fleet.

New Projects

A glance at our recently started assignments:

Private Equity Fund: European Road Tender Implementation
Telco: Chief Buyer Facilities
Banking: Contract Management Process Mapping & Improvement Plan
Retail: Purchasing Redesign, Implementation & Coaching
ICT: Strategy Building on Regional Combined Sourcing
Banking: Multi-Country Interim Manager Procurement
Research & Development: Category Strategy Building & Implementation Coaching
Financial Services: Category Manager Professional Service

Recruitment & Selection in Procurement & Logistics

Macro-economic figures are promising better times, so the search for the best talent is back on.
is currently guiding O'Cool, Reynaers Aluminium, Delhaize, Fabricom, ...

Interested? More details at under 'Permanent Jobs at Clients'.

Training - Deciding on the right training remains difficult!

According to Kluwer's Learning Indicator 2010 – a research study based on 3.000 employees and over 1.250 HR professionals – both groups consider professional training & development important. Belgian employees are not only eager to learn, they are even willing to take training in their leisure time – over 75 % have taken training after work.

Although HR professionals feel that investing in training & development is necessary, 43% of employees express mediocre to zero satisfaction after having taken a course. Most likely, the reason for this dissatisfaction is 'a lack of vision' on training, which HR managers can understand: one third indicated that their company does not have a training policy aligned with overall business strategy.

More diagnostic findings – see

PROGRESSIO is powering...

Kluwer Opleidingen Purchasing Screening & Re-Engineering 2010
  Category Strategy Plans, basis for SRM & SLA's 2010
  Marketing Buying 2011
  Buying of Services 2011
IFBD Tendering for Buyers 2010
  Excel for Buyers 2011
  Reducing Working Capital 2011
  Total Cost of Ownership 2011
VUB Post Graduate - Low Cost Country Sourcing 2010 - 2011
Erasmus Hogeschool Post Graduate - Strategic Facility Management 2010 - 2011

Must read ...

SwitchISBN: 9780307590169

Why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our companies, in our communities and in our own lives? According to Chip and Dan Heath, a conflict between two different systems in our mind – the rational and emotional parts – is the primary obstacle for creating change. Once the tension between the rational and emotional components is overcome, change can come quickly.
'SWITCH' is a must read for everybody involved in Change Management. Discover how the theory of the path, the elephant and the rider can change your life…!

Unwearied Quest for Top Talent

We are still looking for people that came up through the ranks, are open-minded, passionate and result driven. Specifically we are looking for Medior, Senior & Principal Consultants within ICT, Technical, Turnkey - Project, Facilities & Services Buying.

Don't hesitate to send your resume to


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