Fall/Winter 2012

With the leaves dropping & Christmas lights soon being installed, the end of 2012 is drawing near. Just before you rush off to holiday celebrations, we are happy to give you our last 2012 Procurement & Supply Chain update - from a PROGRESSIO perspective!

1. Interim Management & Advisory
2. Fleet Management & Optimization
3. CAPEX Project Procurement differentiators
4. Gain control over your Telecom spend
5. Training
6. Must read
7. Recruitment & Development… vacancies at our customers

Interim Management & Advisory

Projects started since our previous newsletter:

1. Banking Ad Interim Procurement Facilities
2. Banking Senior Procurement Expert General Services
3. Chemical Carve out related Logistic/Warehouse Buying (Germany)
4. Dredging Spend Analysis, Training & Procurement Coaching
5. Electricity Project Procurement Management CAPEX
6. Governmental Procurement Strategy Development
7. Governmental Electricity Tender (Hungary)
8. High Tech Coaching Supply Chain, Fleet & Facilities
9. Media Fleet Audit & Optimization
10. Pharmaceutical Category Management Strategy HR & Marketing Spend
11. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Seasonal Flu for US, Asia & Eastern Europe
12. Postal Services ICT Category Management & Outsourcing
13. Security Ad Interim Manager Purchasing, Warehousing & Facilities
14. Service Industry Supply Chain Optimization & Working Capital Reduction
15. Telecom Strategy Development & Implementation ICT reselling
16. Utilities Optimization Telecom spend

Are you open-minded, passionate & result-driven? Do you have at least 8 years of experience in Procurement, Supply Chain or Logistics, preferably in an international environment, and you do like to work for different companies, within a diversity of industries? Don't hesitate to send us your resume: stef.brismoutier@progressio.be.

Fleet Management & Optimization

Nowadays, fleet is usually considered 'a service', rather than spend. Specializing in this service (or spend), we are acquiring the position of reference in the market. Our proven methodology - updated during each fleet project or change in legislation - is at your disposal.

By means of a fleet audit, PROGRESSIO offers a balanced optimization plan, enabling the fleet responsible(s) to do cherry picking over the different optimization axes. Per axe we build 3 impact scenarios (soft, normal and hard) for the fleet (mobility) policy as well as for the budget.

PROGRESSIO has the tooling to define the Estimated Cost of Use (ECU) of your fleet and to align the Real Cost of Use (RCU) with the ECU. In optimizing fleet, ECU and RCU are key for our recommendation and action plan. Besides the strategy definition, we also coach our customers during the implementation in order to achieve a better challenged spend, as well as an optimized fleet service portfolio.

Our Practice Leader Fleet is a senior subject matter expert who knows and understands the (evolution of) needs within the fleet services environment.

PROGRESSIO is powering VIB's seminar "Heeft Di Rupo de bedrijfswagen van de weg gereden?" 11/12/2012 - Vereniging voor Inkoop en Bedrijfslogistiek.

CAPEX Project Procurement differentiators

Procurement Project Management within larger CAPEX projects causes - although planned - a peak demand in resources and expertise from the purchasing organisation. Organisations need to (try to) free up the more transversal and mature people in the organization. These people not only have a profound understanding of the business, but also want to engage in the 'construction market'. Additionally, goods and works will be tailor-made, scarce or not fitting in the day-to-day procurement processes and procedures. Other constraints might be (tight) timelines and restricted project funding. In order to cope with these challenges quadratic project teams are built around key managers (business, financial, project & technical) and are headed by primus inter pares: the Project Manager. The Procurement function reports as "staff" to the Project Manager.

Over recent projects we noticed that the maturity, as well as the early involvement of Project Procurement, is resulting in enhanced general project management and budget control/alignment. Moreover, the Project Buyer is accountable for outsourced resources and their follow up, such as engineering offices, expert secondment, certification bodies, design-build-maintain contracts, contract deviations, extra work/invoicing, claims, etc. In order to make the link to Prof. Dr. Van Weele, we talk about "managers of the extended enterprise". Supplier Relation Management is key in large investment projects, as suppliers are (and should be!) the largest source of innovation. Being expert in construction (their core business), these suppliers' new concepts might lead to a win-win and even gain sharing over cost savings and smart(er) approaches.

PROGRESSIO doesn't want to qualify CAPEX Procurement as a complicated skill, but the responsibility and accountability should be clearly indicated as from the very beginning of the CAPEX project. Our expert buyers have a profound understanding of the difference between price and value!

Gain Control over your Telecom spend

Over the years we have seen an incredible increase of complexity in telecommunication and its cost as well as possibilities. Operators tend to use this rapidly changing environment to create new and/or special 'packs / formulas' to win the customer and hence optimize their revenue. By lack of transparency, operators also take benefit from the fast changing market.

We made it our goal to help customers in building a defense mechanism, in taking full benefit of new possibilities without its often associated financial penalty. Through detailed invoice verification, we evaluate whether you have the appropriate formula for your needs. Moreover, we look at which services you do not use, but nevertheless pay for… as the best saving is still not spending! Invoice verification is the start as well as the seal… the start of the full sourcing cycle (cfr. specification management and negotiation) and the seal in the post-implementation audit, where we check that you are only invoiced for what is contracted and negotiated.

Not sure you are in control of your telecom cost? We are only a phone call away.☺


Over the past year, our in-company trainings boosted within Procurement & Supply Chain Management. Some topics that might be of interest to you:

1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management (French & Dutch)
2. Procurement Competence Assessment
3. Tailor-made Service Level Agreement
4. Fleet Awareness & Optimization
5. Category Structuring as Base for SRM
6. Marketing of Procurement
7. Category Management
8. Negotiation

… glad to discuss with you one of our 40 training topics!

In 2013 PROGRESSIO will continue to use its expert knowledge to power:

Kluwer Category Structuring & SLA's
Procurement Screening & Reengineering
IFBD Total Cost of Ownership
Fleet Services
Excel for Buyers
VUB Postgraduate - Low Cost Country Sourcing
KHL BanaBa - Procurement & Logistics

Must read

As Christmas holidays are the perfect time for reflection and good intentions, we can strongly recommend some effortless business lecture by Robert J. Trent & Llewellyn Roberts: "Managing Global Supply & Risk: Best Practices, Concepts & Strategies"

The authors do not necessarily reveal new insights, but they focus on the complexity of current supply chains and the inevitable necessity of supply risk management. Theoretical models are supported by real life business cases, making you gain - in a rather comfortable way - non classic insights on Kraljic, Dupont and Porter!

Recruitment & Development… vacancies at our customers

This year we helped amongst others BNP Paribas Fortis, Franki, ING & VRT in their everlasting search for Procurement & Supply Chain talent. Other clients made use - in a stand alone modus - of our assessment centre in order to make their final decision in recruitment or promotion.

For an overview of current vacancies at our customers, we refer to our website. Feel free to take a look.

More information needed on our recruitment and/or assessments, please contact May Van Aperen: may.van.aperen@progressio.be or + 32 498 51 82 50.

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