Spring 2013

As buds appear on trees & temperatures (slowly) rise, spring is in the air! Now that you have probably recovered from Easter holidays and its chocolate abundance, we are happy to give you Procurement & Supply Chain update from a PROGRESSIO perspective on the following topics:

1. Customer Satisfaction Review
2. Interim Management & Advisory
3. Training
4. Recruitment & Development… vacancies at our customers
5. 'Must' read

Customer Satisfaction Review

Recently we conducted a survey amongst our customers over the past 24 months. We addressed over 100 people & received a (very) positive feedback, with an average score of nearly 8.5 out of 10 & an even higher score on understanding the client's need. Answers confirmed what we are striving for: PROGRESSIO provides - in a mature way - expert knowledge by using an enthusiastic, proactive, collaborative & result-driven approach. Our customers appreciate the good & clear communication, as well as the efficient project follow-up. We thank all those who took the time to give us their valuable feedback!!!

Interim Management & Advisory

Projects since our previous newsletter:

1. Banking & Financial Services Category Management Professional Services
2. Banking & Financial Services ICT Buying
3. Banking & Financial Services Procurement Organisation Design
4. Banking & Financial Services Spend Analysis
5. Chemical Contract Management Logistics / Warehouse Buying
6. High Tech Integrated Fleet Approach & Optimization
7. Media Fleet Audit & Optimization
8. Pharma Supply Chain Management - cross continental
9. Postal Services Category Strategy Plan for Fleet Management
10. Production MRO Buying
11. Research & Development Integrated Facility Management
12. Service Industry E-tendering
13. Service Industry Strategy & Implementation track MSP
14. Telecom Sourcing Transformation Project
15. Telecom Strategy & Development ICT Reselling
16. Transport Spend Analysis & Coaching

Are you open-minded, passionate & result-driven? Do you have at least 8 years of experience in Procurement, Supply Chain or Logistics, preferably in an international environment, and do you like to work for different companies, within a diversity of industries? Don't hesitate to send us your resume: stef.brismoutier@progressio.be.


Over the past year, our in-company trainings within Procurement & Supply Chain Management boosted. Some topics that might be of interest to you:

1. Introduction to Supply Chain Management
2. Introduction to Logistics
3. Procurement Competence Assessment
4. Tailor-made Service Level Agreement
5. Fleet Awareness & Optimization
6. Category Structuring as base for SRM
7. Marketing of Procurement
8. Category Management
9. Negotiation
10. E-tendering

… glad to discuss any of our more than 40 (tailor-made) trainings!

PROGRESSIO continues to use its expert knowledge to power: 

Kluwer Logistics A to Z
  Category Structuring & Service Level Agreements
  Procurement for Project Managers
  Mini MBA 10-day program
IFBD Total Cost of Ownership
  Fleet Services
  Excel for Buyers
  Outsourcing Masterclass
IFMA Fleet Management
VUB Postgraduate - Low Cost Country Sourcing

Recruitment & Development… vacancies at our customers

Over the past year we have helped a lot of companies in their everlasting search for Procurement & Supply Chain talent. Other clients made use of our assessment centre in order to make their final decision in recruitment or promotion. For an overview of current vacancies at our customers, we refer to our website.

More information needed on our recruitment and/or assessments, please contact May Van Aperen: may.van.aperen@progressio.be or + 32 498 51 82 50.

'Must' read

Spring time… a time to prepare your summer holiday reading by the pool. We can strongly recommend 'The Power of a Positive No' by William Ury.

Every day we find ourselves in situations where we need to say no & stand up for ourselves. It is, however, not easy to do it in a clearly & respective way. In his book, Ury, co-founder of Harvard's Program on Negotiation, offers a three-step process that shows you how to control your emotions, respect the opposition & thus achieve a 'positive no'!

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