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Clients References

Our clients operate in a dynamic and hence competitive environment. Growth, peer pressure, strategic re-orientation, unpredictable changes, even job switches and difficulties to maintain goal consensus or congruence in the organization might bring the need for temporary or additional specialist or generalist knowledge to tackle these challenges.

The need for Management Consultants, Interim Managers, as well as temporary experts/professionals grows as organizations not only trim staff but must look to external sources to plug the talent gap, and allow devotion of the time and resources of the remaining staff to solve ad hoc problems.

It is our firm belief that companies who successfully attract (external) people with a track record in their field of expertise, combined with a skill set allowing cross-business problem solving, will outperform their competitors!

“As Research & Development specialist, Cochlear focuses on development and production activities. Our ambition – growth – is clear, but uncertain, both from timing as well as from a potential perspective. However, we fully realise that our operations, i.c. supply chain and procurement, may never limit the expected growth.

Through collaboration with PROGRESSIO we prepared Cochlear for growth. We created a stronger organisational structure, redefined roles and responsibilities within Procurement and Supply Chain and installed solid and at the same time more flexible procedures. So we did not only retain their ideas, but also implemented and embedded these ideas with their support.

In PROGRESSIO we found a professional and dynamic partner, triggering and supporting Change Management and sharing a common goal: creating added value!”


Carl Van Himbeeck - General Manager - Cochlear Technology Centre

The Procurement staff within Rettig ICC (Indoor Climate Comfort), owner of radiator producer Radson, is a very diverse group, working at different levels and taking on various responsibilities in Europe. We wanted to set up a Procurement Training that would satisfy all of our people. PROGRESSIO was the solution to this challenge!

PROGRESSIO created a tailor-made training program, combining Project Management with Marketing of Procurement and matching it in an ideal way with the needs of our people.

We particularly appreciated PROGRESSIO’s professionalism. Trainers were knowledge experts and had in-depth Procurement field experience. They openly shared their experiences and tools, enabling us to actively use the matter taught. A good eye-opener for us!  Some of the key elements and templates that the trainers provided were used in one of our projects in Germany.

We highly value PROGRESSIO’s personal and spontaneous vision on collaboration. Fun & laughter were key, both in preparation of the training, as on the training day itself!”

Rettig ICC
Rettig ICC
Ria Verbeek - Procurement Director - Rettig ICC (Manufacturing)

“Over the past few years, bpost Special Logistics (Euro-Sprinters) has evolved quite significantly as a company. To support a number of changes, Euro-Sprinters called upon PROGRESSIO knowledge and expertise.

In particular, the upgrade/implementation of and migration to our new IT transport distribution platform could count on PROGRESSIO’s project management expertise. Also, when moving the activities from our Brussels hub to our new hub in Kortenberg, PROGRESSIO helped us with the fitting-up of the logistical infrastructure and organization in the building, as well as in preparing the move as such.

PROGRESSIO really listens to the customer’s needs and pays much attention to creating the perfect match between the customer’s expectations and the profile of the proposed candidate(s) to fill in the required function. PROGRESSIO will not only consider ‘technical criteria’ (such as education, skills, competences, training, experience, etc.), but will also consider the complete context of the need (customer’s company culture, colleagues, type of project, etc.).

This way of working made it much easier to share a transparent project planning and evaluation scheme with PROGRESSIO and to agree on evaluations which took place while respecting all parties.”

Michel van Aubel - Operations Manager - bpost Special Logistics

DuPont is a company in transformation. A strong increase in the number of acquisitions and divestitures led to extra work in Logistic Sourcing and as a consequence, entailed the need for an additional buyer.

“In our search for the right interim support, we considered it crucial that the buyer profile would be able to function right away within the existing team and that he/she could rely on solid experience within Logistic Sourcing.

In no time, PROGRESSIO matched our need with the right buyer profile, taking into account the required competences and attitude.

What initially started out as rather small project, soon became a long-term collaboration. In a first stage, the PROGRESSIO consultant helped us with the acquisition of DuPont Performance Coatings. Right after, within this acquisition, he led the renegotiation of existing contracts and the conclusion of new contracts. Finally, PROGRESSIO helped DuPont with the set-up of a road tender for logistic supplies: data collection, renegotiation of rate sheets and harmonization/standardization of these sheets.

What I particularly appreciate about PROGRESSIO’s way of working is the time and effort that they put into coaching their team members. Although the consultant is off to its own adventure, PROGRESSIO makes sure the consultant is properly guided, benefitting directly the customer.”

An D’Haenens - Sourcing & Logistics Manager - DuPont de Nemours

Citrique Belge, citric acid producer based in Tienen, called on PROGRESSIO for the temporary support of a Technical Buyer within their Procurement Department, in order to help out with operational & tactical buying activities and contract (re)negotiation.

“In our search for the right support, we found it difficult to find someone with broad technical skills, on the one hand, and extensive procurement experience on the other. PROGRESSIO was able to provide us with this unique profile, allowing us to accelerate and deliver on time during peak times. The PROGRESSIO consultant was the answer to our internal lack of experience. He was highly energetic and driven, constantly reaching out to and investing in the internal customers.

If I would describe the partnership with PROGRESSIO, I would say: no nonsense, correct and with a great eye for the exact need at Citrique Belge. It has been a pleasure!”

Citrique Belge
Citrique Belge
Wendy Keulemans - Supply Chain Manager - Citrique Belge

Colfridis offers specialized logistic services tailored to the Belgian retail sector. For the contract renewal with one of its main retailers in the Belgian distribution, Colfridis called on the Supply Chain & Logistic knowledge of PROGRESSIO. The PROGRESSIO Consultant acted as Project Leader and, together with the support of internal stakeholders, set up an Activity Based Costing (ABC) exercise, in order to stand firm during contract renegotiation.

By means of the ABC model, the PROGRESSIO Consultant identified, mapped and documented Colfridis’ activities (process flows) and assigned the cost of each of these individual activities. The tailor-made model, with process basis, resulted in a transparent and detailed insight in Colfridis’ cost to serve and gave Colfridis the guarantee to be paid for all services delivered.

In a second phase, Colfridis now hires the PROGRESSIO Consultant to run a continuous improvement track in order to develop the right end-to-end solution to the actual and future supply chain processes.

Colfridis appreciates the work and commitment of PROGRESSIO and recommends its maturity. The extensive knowledge and experience within Supply Chain and Logistics is a firm solution to bridge the gap between what was needed to turn this case into a success and the level of internal expertise.

Luc Put - CEO - Colfridis

Buying at P&V Insurance Group (P&V, Actel & Vivium) used to be decentralized. As each department purchased individually, P&V understood that they were missing out on synergies and savings. It became clear that some departments were more professionally organised in their procurement activities and used negotiation as a standard approach, where other departments simply purchased without real expertise.

P&V decided to switch to a centralized buying structure, the so called “Global Vendor Management”,  that aims to create added value and joined benefits within Procurement and to question routine operations and methods in order to optimize and professionalize P&V buying activities.

Once the Global Vendor Management idea was born, P&V turned to PROGRESSIO for the roll out. By means of a Spend Analysis, PROGRESSIO mapped the various purchasing categories, spends and suppliers, as well as the saving potential within each domain. Subsequently, PROGRESSIO delivered an action plan that made it possible for P&V to generate the potential savings in a sustainable way.

In the next stage, a team of 4 PROGRESSIO Consultants coached and steered the Global Vendor Management Department of P&V. Their mission: evaluate, assess, coach and train the procurement employees, coach and guide the P&V fleet responsible and provide an Ad Interim IT Procurement Specialist.

According to P&V, PROGRESSIO was the perfect partner to set up their new buying structure. PROGRESSIO provided knowledge that was non-existent within P&V, facilitating a professional and swift change process.

P&V Verzekeringen
P&V Verzekeringen
Mark Scheers - Global Vendor Manager - P&V Verzekeringen

“Boost Group is leading service provider in retail shopper marketing with offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland & China. Boost’s mission is to enlarge & retain A-brand customer populations via interactive promotion (product tastings and sample distribution at home, in shops or in public places), loyalty programs (loyalty cards, saving programs, etc.) and collectibles (e.g. sticker promotions).

As Boost Group is in rapid expansion, the need for optimisation arose. With the right focus and professional, to the point approach PROGRESSIO was able to put forward the right consultant to lead significant procurement improvement and productivity tracks.

Annually, Boost Loyalty distributes over 1 million gifts into Europe for customers within different industries. All of the orders are packed in full colour boxes, with customized packing slip. PROGRESSIO considerably reduced the packaging cost via switching from a local packaging partner to an international one and the change of the packaging material.

With regard to business intelligence and reporting, PROGRESSIO created tailor-made templates and dashboards in order to enable the procurement team to visualize, follow-up and analyse their KPI’s, as well as to steer their Category Management.

Finally, PROGRESSIO helped Boost Loyalty with on-the-job training of junior procurement professionals, creating solid grounds for future growth!”

Boost Loyalty
Boost Loyalty
Koen Heyvaert - Managing Director - Boost Loyalty

“End 2016 Punch Powertrain decided to renew the delivery of gas and electricity in order to support its grow. The challenge was high as Punch Powertrain up to that very moment bought its energy via the former mother company VCST (Volvo Car Sint-Truiden). Besides the need to create and get operational a new connection for the first time ever, the legal entity Punch Powertrain needed to buy and contract energy.

The complexity was aggravated by the fact that the energy consumption (volume and profile), nor start date of delivery were unambiguous – cfr. Combination of increasing but unpredictable growth and timing go-live of new connections. PROGRESSIO worked project wise on a transparent model being an alternative Request for Quotation, resulting in not only sharp process, but (as important) also flexible contract that supports and will support the spectacular growth of Punch Powertrain in a cost efficient way.”

Punch Powertrain
Punch Powertrain
Koen Beckers - Global Purchasing & Supply Director - Punch Powertrain

“Agristo is a huge growing family owned company specialized in the production of deepfrozen potato products. PROGRESSIO was assigned to do a maturity analysis of the supply chain department in order to determine the focus areas to develop in order to manage the huge growth of the company.  We realized that PROGRESSIO could help us to progress in a professional way and that’s why we involved them in different purchase projects during one year.

PROGRESSIO helped us to really integrate purchase in the organization, which is crucial in order to achieve good supply chain results. They have a lot of experience in different sectors and in different organization over the world, which gives them a very huge view on the global supply chain and how to cope with suppliers, customers and the organisation. Their ideas, mostly situated in the tactical and strategic context, are clear, objective and realistic. It was a pleasure to work with PROGRESSIO!”

Carmen Wallays - Supply Chain Director - Agristo

“PROGRESSIO has helped us in our search for a temporary procurement professional. The selected person has supported our procurement department in a transition period and brought as well new insights as manpower to get the job done. She coached our existing buyers in setting up tender processes and pushed them to go the extra mile in our search for the right supplier. Besides this, it gave us the time to select a new procurement manager and it gave him the time to move into his new role.”

GC Europe
GC Europe
Dave Juwé - Supply Chain Manager - GC Europe