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A PROGRESSIO Search aims to find the most suitable candidate on the (inter)national labour market. By definition, this does not happen within the existing range of actively or locally seeking professionals. The number of candidates not actively looking for a new challenge is estimated at around 80% of the total labour market. We use a direct approach through discrete, personal contacts and/or referrals.

PROGRESSIO differentiates itself in the market through a holistic vision (e.g. Interim Mgt + Consulting + Search + Training) combined with the know-how of our headhunters, who themselves were once Hiring Managers. We focus on quality and look for potential candidates from both a team as well as an organizational perspective.

PROGRESSIO prides itself on a – tailor-made – Search formula for headhunting with client focus, dedicated senior contact, 360° unburdening, results based invoicing, as well as optional subject specific coaching.


PROGRESSIO works in full transparency in every Search Engagement, which translates into a bi-weekly alignment. For us, a successful Senior & Executive Search can only be achieved through a dedicated approach in which quality and speed are paramount. Our process is lean wherever possible and/or necessary, relieves our client 100%, by taking over the entire selection process.  This results in a significant reduced Internal Cost of Operations (both with HR and Hiring Manager), and hence ensures a minimum Total Cost of Ownership for our clients.

PROGRESSIO focuses on client, candidate and professional interpretation of the position, without losing sight of communication and feedback to the candidate(s). Customization, partnership and reciprocity are the cornerstones of our cooperation. The client directs the scope of each Search Engagement. Upon start-up, speed, milestones and desired results are consequently defined in co-creation.

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For an intake regarding Senior or Executive Search contact Annemie Schuermans

    Annemie Schuermans

    Annemie Schuermans

    Partner - Headhunting & Legal
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